Meet The Team

We are an experienced team of consultants, engineers, system architects and DevOps practitioners covering all major facets of Information Technology and Communication systems including; Infrastructure, Networks, Databases, Software Design and Development.

Senior Contacts

Gary Waldrom

With over 25 year's experience Gary specialises in technical design, implementation and integration of large, secure transactional & data warehousing technologies.

He specialises in fault tolerant, highly available systems which offer vertical and horizontal scalable performance, risk management, supportable and manageable implementations.

Gary is a leading protagonist of Blockchain technologies building on his many years of distributed database experience within Corporate organisations.

Gary has worked with a myriad of technologies over the years leading integration projects between disperate technologies to form cohesive solutions within industry sectors including Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Logistics, Retail and Government.

Gary acts as a key stakeholder facing technologist taking great pride in designing and developing solutions and ideas to serve businesses more effectively through adding value.

Profesional Qualifications include Oracle Certified Professional (the first person in the UK to acquire this), SCO ACE, Solaris SCSA, & Novell CNE


Jason R Wilkinson

With over 22 year's experience Jason is a dedicated IT professional, technologist, strategist and evangelist.

Having held several senior management positions in organisations including CIO and Head of Technology he has broad experience of developing software applications, infrastructure solutions and managed services offerings.

Jason has been successful in bringing new technology products and services to market including several west coast world leading vendors

Jason first started developing software as a child in the 80's working in the industry during summer breaks. Qualified as a programmer and systems' analyst Jason has helped many organisations to build the right solutions including greenfield bespoke software design.

Jason has helped organisations realise additional commercial value from their technology including identifying IP, patenting software and offering to customers as part of the value add proposition.

Jason is able to provide consultancy helping you to develop your IT strategy around Blockchain technology and present this at all levels up-to your Executive Board of Directors.


Amar Ali

With over 10 year's experience Amar is a qualified, dedicated, and experienced database consultant across multiple platforms.

Amar has worked with various database technologies for some time and has an agnostic approach to database solutions which fit well into the ethos of Amonra. He is an Oracle Certified Professional and MongoDB accredited. He also works extensively with SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL