We are committed to changing the software development landscape and the future of data in a value based internet Enabling you to benefit from Blockchain

The Blockchain Revolution open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way...

We are committed to changing the software development landscape and the future of data in a value based internet Enabling you to benefit from Blockchain

Our mission is to help you leverage the potential of blockchain technology to benefit your organisation. By removing existing processes that are prone to data security breaches and human error or the inability to verify the accuracy and integrity of data which may affect your profitability or your reputation, we believe blockchain technology will fundamentally change how any organisation, large or small will think about doing business.

We help you reduce the cost of handling your business transactions in a secure, auditable and scalable way, without you needing to replace your existing software and systems.

In this modern world where systems are connected to the Internet or through private networks and therefore to each other data security and the ability to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is a primary concern. Lack of skills and use of bespoke or proprietary software leaves organisations exposed to risk whilst adding cost and complexity to transactional based systems. Through leveraging blockchain technology to distribute, store and manifest your data Honeycomb Software provides a range of highly secure and robust services with unbreakable encryption with which to build your transactional systems.

Traditional data based software is largely centralised and distributed mainly for business continuity and performance gains whereas the blockchain is a truly distributed data model of immutable transactions and virtually limitless redundancy. The maintenance overhead of centralised management and storage of data is reduced dramatically enabling you to scale transactions without incurring significant increase in cost.

We provide a range of consultancy and support services to enable you to investigate and enumerate the benefits that Blockchain technologies could bring to your organisation. We supply a -pre-configured scalable private Blockchain which can be deployed quickly and integrated into your existing applications through our Blockchain gateway to the Cloud or on-premise in your computer room or data centre.

With pre-packaged templates which we adapt for your specific purpose, we can quickly transform your business processes, enabling you to access new markets or simply provide you and your customers and suppliers with a trusted means of doing business.

We are typically focused on deployments of Blockchain technology outside the financial service sector into the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market as we believe this offers many additional use cases which until now have not been identified and organisations have not realised are suitable for Blockchain

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